Ori Levin


Ori is a skydiving instructor and a yoga teacher. A great believer in the connection between mind and the flight. Join him for an unforgettable flight

דפני מדריכים

Dapney Morali


Daphny is a skydiver for the last 6 years and is already ranked as the 7th skilled skydiver in the world in the Freestyle freefall field. Daphny loves animals, she is an aerial acrobat at the circus and always prefer to be in the air instead of on the ground.

ישרראל מדריף

Israel Movshoviz


Israel is a skydiving instructor with 5 thousand jumps. When he does not skydive, or fly at the wind tunnel he works as a surgical nurse. Israel loves the sea but more than everything he loves cashew.


Vadim Vagener


Believe it or not, Vadim is skydiving instructor with over 2000 jumps AND a certified dental technician. Get ready to have an exciting experience full of smiles!


Yaad Barak


Yaad is a certified aircraft mechanic and skydiving instructor. He likes to spend most of his time flying in the air with friends


Gal Peled


Gal who just became a dad, is a champion skydiver and ranked 6th in the world at the Freestyle freefall field, he is also a surfing guide. Gal believes that life is about having fun and making the best of it.

צדוק מדריכים

Amit Tzadok


Amit is 24 years old and did his first skydiving two years ago, since then he just can’t stop flying. Amit loves working with his hands and helped a lot in setting up the tunnel. Amit (like all our instructors) has a golden heart and his motto is “love your neighbor as yourself

שני מדריכה

Shani Zeldes


Shani is 26 years old, she is a skydiver for 9 years already and has more than 2500 jumps. Shani is one of a small group of skydiving female instructors in Israel. On her free time, she loves traveling and cooking.




אברוצקי מדריך

Amit avrutsky


Amit is 26 years old. He is a student for politics and environment. Amit works as a skydiving photographer and jumped 8 hundred times already. He is a Scuba diving instructor and loves traveling around the world. Do not be confused by his delicacy, Amit has trained for 13 years in martial arts, so be careful.

יובל מדריכים

Yuval Sherman


Yuval is 25 years old and a student for Architecture. Her first skydive was 3 years ago and today she is a skydiving photographer. Yuval was a gymnast for 12 years and has a dream to compete in flying in the Freestyle category.

איליה מדריכים

Ilya Zabersky


Ilya is 28 years old. He is a skydiving instructor and photographer in Israel and overseas. If you see a hair slips from his helmet when he flies, do not worry he has enough hair on his head.


נתי מדריך

Nati Saada


Nati is 23 years old. From the first moment Nati heard about Flybox he could not stop flying. Nati loves animals and nature. He likes to work with his hands, and more than everything his is an extreme and adrenalin lover.




מתן מדריכים

Matan Patish


Matan is 25 and has 2600 jumps already. He is a skydiving instructor and a photographer. Matan loves the life in the big city Tel Aviv, Yoga, Walking on a rope and making the best shakes from fresh fruit.