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Package Flight Times

Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 14:00 am and 14:30 pm only

The package is great for those who fly for the first time

An unforgettable, exciting and Adrenalin experience that includes 2 flights (2 flights= 120 seconds of flying, just like 3 free parachutes from an airplane) accompanied by a professional instructor.

The package includes: theoretical training, advanced flying equipment (helmet, flight suit and aviation glasses), personal and close escort of the instructor, short flight show and flying certificate.

The package is valid only for weekdays (excluding holidays and vacations)
The entire FlyBox experience lasts from one hour to an hour and a half.

The experience:

Arrival: Prepare to arrive (in sports shoes and comfortable clothing) 45 minutes before your flight. At the entrance to the complex there are check-in stations where you will have to fill out the health declaration form and the flight conditions – if you have not filled out the personal area.
After completing the registration, you can wait in the viewing area and watch people fly until the guide to the flight training training class calls you.
flight training: The instructor will meet you and accompany you to the training class, where you will pass flight training. Watch the video and learn the correct body condition for the flight and hand signals that the instructor will use to communicate with you during the flight.
Organizing and flying: After the exercise, the guide will accompany you to the equipment counter, where you will receive your flight suit, helmet, googles and ear plugs.
flying in the wind tunnel: Your instructor will be at your side during the entire experience. At the end, after all the members of the group have flown, the instructor will perform a short show of professional flying.
After the flying: the instructor will escort you to the area where you will receive your personal flight certificate. In addition, photos and video clips documenting your flight will be available for purchase at counter points across the complex or in your personal area online.

Package Include:

2 flights
You can purchase as gift voucher
flight times:
Days: sunday,Tuesday-Thursday
HOURS: 14:00-15:30
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