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Flybox Website Policy
Flybox Website Terms of Use – General

  1. Flybox operates the “wind tunnel” located on 8 Yoseph (Tommy) Lapid Street in Rishon LeZion, which allows flying upon an airstream.
  2. Use of this Flybox Website (hereinafter: the “Site” or “Website”) is conditioned on unambiguous and irrevocable consent by any person (hereinafter: the “User”) to the terms specified in this Policy sheet hereinafter.
    By entering the Site, the User irrevocably declares that he is aware of the contents of this Policy sheet and consents to all its terms, even if for his own reasons he has not read and/or understood the policy terms and/or any part thereof.
  3. Your use of any information or materials detailed on this Website is under your exclusive responsibility, and Flybox shall not be held liable and/or bear legal responsibility and/or be held liable in any other way toward the User of this Site. The User hereby irrevocably declares that he and/or any person on his behalf shall not make any claim and/or demand and/or direct or indirect suit against the Site and/or its owners and/or its operators and/or any person on their behalf.
  4. The content displayed in this Website is intended only for general use and for the attainment of general information. The content is subject to changes which might be made from time to time without prior notice. We and/or any person on our behalf including third parties shall not be held liable in any way or form toward the information and the materials displayed in it, including the appearance, completeness and/or full compatibility thereof.
  5. Parts of this Policy sheet are written using masculine pronouns for the sake of convenience only, however the information applies to both women and men.

Ownership of the Information and Reservation of Copyrights

  1. The Website includes materials, symbols, icons owned by Flybox or which Flybox is permitted to hold. Such materials include, without limitation, the Site’s design, plan, appearance, content and graphics. Copying the trademarked symbols and/or material detailed on the Site is strictly forbidden.
  2. All trademarked symbols copied to this Website and which are not owned by Flybox are presented on the Website as such.
  3. Unpermitted use of the Website might lead to damage claims and/or any relief and/or remedy to which Flybox is entitled under the Law.
  4. The Website may from time to time include links to other websites. Such links are presented for your convenience only in order to provide further information. A link’s existence does not indicate our inspection and/or consent and/or our approval of its contents. We shall not be held liable in any way or form to the content displayed in the web links displayed on this Website.
  5. All information detailed on the Site is presented as-is and Flybox shall not be held liable in any way and/or form to the information’s compatibility with the User’s needs nor his ability and/or inability to make use of the information and/or materials detailed on the Site.
  6. The Site’s management may, among other things, at any time and for any reason, to block or immediately cease a User’s access to the service if he infringes upon the instructions of this Policy sheet.

Who Can Fly

  1. Users – the Users permitted to use the “wind tunnel” are as specified below:
    1. Young people from 4 to 8 years of age – subject to accompaniment and approval by the parents /legal guardian regarding their child’s use of the “wind tunnel”.
    2. Young people from 8 to 15 years of age – use shall be subject to parents’ approval + a photocopy of the parent/legal guardian’s legal I.D. and accompaniment by an adult.
    3. Young people from 15 to 18 years of age – use shall be subject to receipt of parents/legal guardian’s approval + photocopy of the parent’s I.D.
    4. Age 18 and over – no age limitation for older ages.
    5. An additional condition for use of the wind tunnel for children under 18 years of age shall be the signature of a parent or guardian of the waiver included in the personal area or at the location.
  2. All Users must be healthy and in good physical condition. Participants must weigh less than 113kg.
  3. Users that dislocated their shoulder or who suffer from back or neck issues, heart diseases, please consult your medical doctor prior to booking a flight.
  4. Pregnant women, you are strictly forbidden to make use of the “wind tunnel”.


  1. All Users must fill out a waiver, comprising a legal contract between the User and Flybox. This waiver, as aforesaid, comprises a contract meant to guarantee, among other things, that all Users comprehend the nature of the “wind tunnel” and the risks involved with it. All information included in the waiver is used solely for this purpose and for Flybox’s use.
  2. As a result of its being a legal contract, the waiver must be fully completed by the User or his parent or guardian – all as required in the waiver and/or the instructions listed on the Website. A valid I.D. card must be presented for the purpose of copying the I.D. number upon registry. Refusal to complete the Flybox waiver leads to cancellation of the use of the “wind tunnel” and its forfeiture, with no refund.
  3. The Users must bring an I.D. card with them upon arrival to the “wind tunnel” and present it to the appropriate officials at Flybox. This, among other things, is for the purpose of giving legal validation to the waiver. Parents of children under 18 years of age must provide an I.D. card in order to validate the execution of the contract in the name of the child User.

Advance Booking

  1. The time of booking is the time of the beginning of flight in the “wind tunnel”. If this is your first flight, you must arrive one hour prior to the flight’s beginning time. If you have flown before, you must arrive 30 minutes prior to the flight’s beginning time. Early arrival is meant for completion of the filling out of documents, performing the required checkups for the purpose of using the “wind tunnel” and for participation in training and receipt of flight equipment as required. In order to fly, the customers are responsible to arrive on time, to complete the aforesaid prior procedures as required, including participation in training and receipt of the flight equipment.
  2. For the purpose of flying in the “wind tunnel”, every guest must comply with all conditions specified below:
    1. To be of good health and appropriate physical condition.
    2. To be without injuries.
    3. To be dressed in comfortable clothing, including laced sport shoes and clothes that can be worn underneath a skydiving suit.
    4. To bring an I.D. card or passport.
    5. To sign a waiver.
    6. To be aware that our timetables almost never permit us to re-register those who arrive late.
  3. Registration may be cancelled or changed up to 48 hours prior to the planned time of flight. Bookings cancelled will be renewed only within the original terms, limitations and prices. Flybox does not commit to accept the User’s request to change the date of his arrival to the tunnel, and all according to its sole discretion and subject to Flybox’s timetables and limitations, and might involve payment of administrative fees.
  4. Flybox shall not be held liable to bookings missed due to circumstances such as transportation issues, weather conditions or any other reason outside of Flybox’s responsibility, as well as expenses related to advance bookings.

Booking Process

  1. Purchase of a flight package for the “wind tunnel” using a credit card is conditioned on the purchaser being over 18 years of age.
  2. The booking process shall be made by feeding the purchase details to the system, as detailed below:
    • Booking via giving credit card details shall be performed according to the steps described below:
    • Receipt of approval from the credit company is a prior condition to the performance of the transaction.
    • The purchaser shall perform the booking on the Site by giving their credit card details. The credit details and the payer’s details will be fed to the system for the purpose of charging the credit card for the completion of the transaction.
    • In the event that the transaction was not approved by the credit company, the User shall receive an appropriate notice via email. To complete the purchase, the purchaser shall be required to contact the booking telephone hotline at Flybox for the purpose of settling the credit company’s approval for the completion of the transaction.
    • If the purchaser has not acted to attain such approval within 48 hours of the time of receipt of the notice regarding the credit company’s refusal to approve the completion of the transaction, and in any case no less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival, Flybox shall be permitted to cancel the purchaser’s booking.
    • After feeding his purchase and credit details, an automatic notice shall be sent to the purchaser via email approving the receipt of the booking. The purchaser must bring with him and present the booking approval at the front desk at the time of arrival at the “wind tunnel”.
    • Clearing services on the Site are performed by and under the responsibility of Tranzila – Credit Card Clearing. Tranzila, of the Interspace group, is the largest and leading online clearing company in Israel. Telephone no.: 073-2224444.
    • For the removal of doubt, the transaction shall become valid only at the time of receipt of a final written approval by email bearing Flybox’s logo. In the event that the purchaser hasn’t received an email notice regarding approval of the booking, he shall be responsible to contact the “wind tunnel” officer by telephone and to inquire regarding the reason for this, and to settle all things required for the purpose of receiving the approval as aforesaid.

Terms of Payment

  1. The means of payment for purchase of services using the Site shall be a valid credit card of one of the credit companies specified hereinafter: Visa CAL, Visa Alpha, Isracard and Mastercard.
  2. The prices advertised on the Site are in New Israeli Shekels and are including VAT.
  3. Flybox may at any time change all prices advertised on the Site, and the Site User waives any claim and/or suit against Flybox regarding and in relation to this. In the event of a discrepancy between the prices specified on the Site and the prices at the “wind tunnel” offices, the price at the wind tunnel offices shall supersede.

Unexpected Maintenance Works

  1. We make our best efforts to guarantee that all bookings are held as valid. Notwithstanding, Flybox is a mechanical facility which may from time to time necessitate unexpected maintenance works. If Flybox cancels a booking on its own end, your money will be refunded or a new date will be scheduled for flight, based on the customer’s preference and in accordance with the terms and limitations of the Flybox “wind tunnel”.

Personal Items and Use of Lockers

  1. For the sake of the safety of the customers and the instructors and safekeeping of equipment, Users are forbidden to hold personal equipment, including jewelry, bags, purses, coins, papers and handkerchiefs. Simply put, no item must be carried other than shoes, clothes and a skydiving suit provided to the customer.
  2. For the customers’ convenience, Flybox provides options for renting lockers where personal items might be locked. Flybox shall not be held liable for the loss or theft of any item on its premises, including those stored in lockers. We recommend leaving your valuables at home or in the supervision of someone you trust.

Flight Time vs. Tunnel Time

  1. Introduction packages for Users flying for the first time or for returning Users are measured by “flight time”. “Flight Time” is the length of time appearing in the specific package purchased by the customer, and is the time which passes from the moment of entrance into the flight cell until exiting from it – back to the preparation point.
  2. Block Time, professional time and parachute time are called “Tunnel Time”. Operating the system, deactivating it and the intermediate phases reduce the Flight Time. Use and participation in “Tunnel Time” are under the purchaser and/or Users’ responsibility. Flybox’s team of instructors and trainers shall make their best efforts to make the most of the “Flight Time”, but they shall not be responsible for failure to use of it.
  3. Any complaint regarding the “Tunnel Time” used must be made in writing, and Flybox shall spare no effort to inspect to complaint while watching the video documenting the flight discussed in the complaint. In the events that the complaint is justified, Flybox shall compensate the purchasers and/or users via additional “Tunnel Time” and/or via proportionate refund, according to its sole discretion. In the event that the complaint is unjustified, the complainant shall be responsible for payment of a fee due for the complaint’s inspection. A complaint shall be deemed justified if the skydiving “Tunnel Time” is less than the purchased “Tunnel Time” by no less than five seconds, and all according to the video footage.
  4. We make our best efforts to display accurate prices in publications, on the Website, in price proposals and in our online booking system. All sales are subject to regular pricing and inspection by the management. Sales made with incorrect prices, following a mistake made by the customer, by a representative of Flybox or by the computer system, shall not be held as valid.

Customer Liability

  1. The customer is responsible for making sure that all information related to his account with Flybox, including gift certificates, gift cards, flight package purchase approvals and/or relevant file numbers are correct and accurate. These details must be retainer, and the User shall bear sole responsibility for presenting such documents to Flybox. It is emphasized that lost items or file numbers cannot be replaced or recovered.
  2. The customer is responsible for use of the personal information with all matters relating to booking procedures, changes or cancellation thereto. It is recommended to backup any computerized data, passwords, gift certificates, gift card codes or any other identification mean related to the customer’s account and/or booking. Use of any information for the purpose of the registration, change or cancellation of any order made by the customer or any other person, is under the customer’s responsibility.


  1. There is no refund for purchase of flight time, gift cards, gift certificates or flight package purchase approvals and digital registration of flights, unless otherwise provided in the terms of the booking. A refund might be received for new flight equipment in its original packaging which remained unopened within 15 days of the purchase. No refund may be received for items purchased by special order. Refund for purchases made using a credit card will be made via the credit card charged for the purchase. A refund for purchases made in cash will be made via check to be sent using the mail services within 15 days of the product’s return.

Required User Information

  1. In order to process your booking, we request personal information, including I.D. number, your full name, your billing address and your shipping address, your email address, your telephone number and credit card details or any other information related to your payment. In order to participate in activities, you will be requested to provide identification information such as an I.D. card or a passport. We may also request information regarding the way in which you found our Website, including advertisements or links you were assisted by and the computer systems and servers used in order to reach the Website.
  2. Flybox and/or any person on its behalf shall not be held liable to any error of any sort and kind made by the User while typing in the various details on the Site, whether or not this was a bona fide error. The User declares that he shall have no claim and/or demand and/or suit against Flybox regarding and in connection with the aforesaid.

The Site’s Privacy Policy

  1. Purpose of the Privacy Policy
    The Company respects your privacy and is obligated to make its best efforts in order to protect your privacy. The purpose of the Privacy Policy is, among other things, to explain the Company’s procedures regarding its customers’ privacy, and how it uses the information given to it by the Site’s customers or gathered by it as part of the services and/or products provided.
    The privacy policy detailed in this document comprises a committing and enforceable legal agreement by you and the Company, therefore, you are requested to read the privacy policy with great care.
    Use of the Site comprises explicit and unconditional consent to all contents of this privacy policy, including consent to the uses the Company makes of the Personal Information and Statistical Data (as defined below) received and gathered by it and consent to the sharing of the Personal and Statistical Data under the terms specified in this privacy policy, including consent to the uses the Company makes of the Personal and Statistical Data under the terms specified in this privacy policy, with third parties. If you do not consent to the way in which the Company handles your information, we request that you avoid using the Site or the services and/or products offered within it.
    The Site, the services and/or products offered within it are intended for adults, over 18 years of age. No information must be given to the Company regarding a minor under 18 years of age, without receiving their parents’ or legal guardian’s prior consent. In addition, no legal act must be performed on the Site, including the ordering of products on the Site, by a minor under 18 years of age, without receiving their parents’ or legal guardian’s prior consent to perform such act.
  2. Types of Information
    The privacy policy shall refer to two separate types of information. “Personal Information” is the entire data, made up in and of itself, or when placed side by side, used for identifying any person, including first and last name, home address/mailing address, email, date of birth, gender, age and any other personal detail that you share with the Company while using services via the Site and/or telephone (while ordering products by telephone, the Personal Information you shared with the Company will be kept in the Company’s secure database and access to it will be limited).
    As opposed to Personal Information, “Statistical Data” is information containing various data which does not identify nor can be used to cause your exposure or the disclosure of the source of the data. The Statistical Data gathered might contain information regarding your surfing habits on the Site, the pages you visited, the products you viewed and/or ordered, advertisements you clicked, the geographical location of the computer you used to connect to the Site, the IP address you used in order to connect to the Site, etc. The Statistical Data gathered by the Site is kept separate from your Personal Information and its usage is different from the use the Company makes of your Personal Information, all as detailed hereinafter.
  3. Sharing of Information and Information Gathering
    The Personal Information you have shared with the Company voluntarily, at the stage of registration to the customer club on the Site and/or while ordering products using the Site and/or the telephone, except for your credit card number, inasmuch as it is shared during a telephone order, will be kept as aforesaid, in the Company’s database (hereinafter: the “Database”). While sharing your Personal Information with the Company, you must make sure to give correct and full details which are not incorrect or erroneous. Note that you are under no obligation to share such Personal Information, but know that without sharing such Personal Information, the Company and the Site would not be able to provide you with the requested services and/or products, including contacting you for the purpose of their provision. Inasmuch as changes occur to the Personal Information you have shared on the Site, you will be able to update your information.
  4. Use of Information
    The Company will use the Personal Information you have shared and/or the Statistical Data it gathered, in order to provide the various services and/or products on the Site, and in order to change and improve the contents, services and/or products on the Site so that they fit the Site Users’ personality, including your actual preferences, as reflected from analyzing the Statistical Data gathered by the Company regarding the Site Users’ use habits.
    The Company will use the Personal Information you have shared in order to contact you in case of need and/or in case you have consented to this by marking V in the appropriate box, to send you from time to time newsletters and/or messages via email and/or SMS messages according to the details you have provided during registration, containing updates regarding various special offers on the Site, news regarding the services given and/or the products offered, discount coupons, messages and/or various advertisements, whether on behalf of the Company or on behalf of third parties (“Advertisements”). Marking V in the appropriate box, as well as proceeding with your use of the Site and consent to the terms of this Policy comprise consent for receiving Advertisements in accordance with the instructions of Section 30a of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Services) 5742-1982. Note that, subject to the instructions of the Law, at any time you may choose to stop receiving such Advertisements by removing your details from the Site’s mailing list. This can be done by sending a request for removal from the mailing list via an email messages sent to the Site via the address [email protected]
  5. Sharing Information with Third Parties
    Personal Information – the Company will not share your Personal Information with third parties unless upon the occurrence of any of the following:
    • If the Company has requested your consent, and you gave your explicit consent to such sharing, such as for example consent to sending Advertisements relating to third parties, consent to sending the products you ordered to your home address via courier, etc. ;
    • If the Personal Information is shared with the Company’s authorized employees and/or representatives and/or any person acting on its behalf, and is made to the extent that such is required and necessary for the provision of services and/or products and the operation of the Site;
    • If the Personal Information is shared with corporations affiliated with the Company, including parent companies, subsidiaries and companies in their control.
    • If an order is received from any court of any other competent legal authority, instructing the Company to disclose your details or your Personal Information to the court or the other authority or to any third party;
    • In the event of a legal dispute between you and the Company that would require exposing your details;
    • If you perform any actions on the Site and/or through it which the Company deems to be in breach of the Law or the Site policy terms.
    • If the Company sells the Site’s activity and/or transfers the Site in any way, fully or in part, to any third party, for consideration or without consideration, whether by way of assignment of rights or by way of granting a license or sublicense – and in addition, in the event that the Company merges with another entity or merges the Site’s activity with a third party’s activity, on the condition that such third party shall be obligated to fulfill the terms of this privacy policy.
    • Statistical Data – the Company may share Statistical Data, for consideration or without consideration, with third parties maintaining business or other relationships with it, including Companies working in the field of anonymous analysis of such statistical data in order to improve the services and/or products offered on the Site, according to the Company’s exclusive discretion.
  6. Third Party Sites and Advertisements on the Site
    Within the Site you may find links to other sites that do not comprise part of the Site (“Third Party Sites”). These sites are independent sites and the Company shall not be held liable or responsible to such sites and the contents and services included in them. Use of Third Party Sites is subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of each site. Therefore, it’s recommended that you review the terms of use and privacy policies of Third Party Sites prior to using them.
  7. Following the completion of a booking, you will receive via email an approval with instructions of how to fill out your waiver. You may remove your registration from marketing emails at any time.

To receive support for any question, contact us at this email address: [email protected] or by telephone: 03-9493939

  1. Your use of this Website and any dispute caused by your use of it is subject to the Laws of the State of Israel.
  2. Any matter relating to this policy sheet and use of the Site shall be governed by the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Yaffo.