What is the wind tunnel?

The wind tunnel

In 1998 iFLY opened to the public the first vertical wind tunnel for human flight in closed space in Orlando USA . At that times the wind tunnels were used mainly used by the army and experienced parachutists. Since then more then 80 advanced wind tunnels simulators opened around the world. Thanks to sophisticated technology which allows each and  everyone to experience a true body flight experience in a closed and safe place. Flying under the close supervision of an experienced instructor certified by the International Body flight Association- IBA . You no longer have to jump out of a plane for flying experience, each and everyone can fly from 4 to 104

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FlyBox Wind Tunnel – How does it work 

A vertical wind tunnel has fans at the top to draw air through the flight chamber and then push it back down the sides through Return Air Towers (RATs). The air is turned from the RATs into the bottom of the tunnel (plenum) and back up toward the flight chamber through an inlet contractor. The inlet contractor reduces the space the air can travel in, thus compressing and speeding up the air before it reenters the flight chamber. The result: a smooth column of air that enables you to fly.
The flight chamber in the wind tunnel is 4.3 meters in diameter and 14 meters flying height. The glass surrounding the cell airport reaches a height 5.5 meters and can fly through a tunnel at the maximum speed of 270 km per hour.
. Exceptional architecture offers each of the spectators, the opportunity to watch a breathtaking flying experience live.Our tunnel was built by Skyventure LTD. If you wish to fly in iFLY tunnel in other countries, we recommend iFLY tunnels, located worldwide. Please visit their website at www.iflyworld.com

About Us

FlyBox wind tunnel was established to fulfill a personal dream of all of us to fly. FlyBox provides a safe, fun and exciting experience, accessible to everyone. We believe that desires can become a reality every day!
The tunnel was founded by a team of partners that have been taking part flying in the  wind tunnel and outdoor skydiving and for over 20 years. We worked in collaboration with the IBA organisation to bring the world class technology to Israel .We have professional team of instructors waiting for you in order to fulfill everyones dream to flight.

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