Want to fly like A PRO?

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the real thing, it’s time to take it to the next level. Our instructors at FlyBox are waiting to train you to fly just like them.

Join our weekly training sessions, competitions and dozens of activities that will teach you how to fly.

At FlyBox we have an advanced training program that can get you to international competitions and leagues.

Join us for one on one coaching sessions with out instructors and weekly group sessions so you can fly with your friends!




The Training Programs that Will Make YOU a Pro

Our flight school includes 4 levels of advanced training.

From learning to fly on your own, to working with a group in the air,  participating in competitions or becoming a flight instructor yourself, we have it all: 

 Here’s a sneak peak at what you can learn at FlyBox:

Level 1 – Independent Flying 

Level one will teach you how to control your body in the air and start working on some advanced moves:

  • Flight basics 101 on your belly
  • Right and left turns
  • Learn to fly back and forward
  • Up and down
  • Learn side slides
  • And how to enter and exit the tunnel

Level 2 – Advance Flying

In level two we’ll learn how to fly on your back and how to fly solo and in groups. 

  • First we’ll learn the basic body position on your back
  • Then we’ll learn how to do turns, go up, down, side slide and fly forward and backwards, all on your back 
  • Then we’ll learn how to do flips and screw drives
  • We’ll learn how to walk in and out of the tunnel 
  • How to fly two-way
  • How to enter and exit the tunnel when you’re doing a two-way practice
  • Learn how to do two-way vertical flying 
  • And advanced belly flying.

Levels 3 and 4

In our next levels you’ll learn how to fly in big groups, how to sit fly, fly head down, do advanced drills in the air, compete in local leagues and get advanced training from our instructors according to your needs and goals

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