Almost anyone can fly in the wind tunnel from the age of 4-104.
Before booking your flight experience make sure all participants are 4 years old or over and way less than 113 kilos. Pregnant women cannot fly.
If you’ve suffered from a shoulder, neck, back or heart problem in the past you will need to consult your doctor before flying. Anyone who flies must fill out our health form and agree to the terms. For the full criteria please click here.
Arrival time: Plan to arrive (in casual wear and laced up shoes) an hour before your schedule flight time. You’ll find check in stands when you arrive to the complex in which you will need to fill in your health form and accept our flight terms if you didn’t do so online. Then you’ll be able to watch others fly while you wait for your instructor to call you in for the pre-flight training.
Flight Training: Your instructor will meet you and escort you to the special training class where you will get our first basic training. During this time you will watch a training video and learn the different flying body positions and the hand signals you will be using to communicate with your instructor while flying.
Prep time: Once you’ve completed your training you’ll step into our gear room to receive your flight suit, helmet, googles and earplugs.
Flying: Your instructor will then guide you into the wind tunnel and will be there with you every step of the way. Each flyer will be able to watch the other fly and practice everything you’ve learned in the wind tunnel itself. Once everyone has flown, your instructor will perform a professional flight show for you.
After flying: Your instructor will give each flyer their flying certificate. You will then be able to see and purchase all of your videos and photos on our digital screens. You may also purchase the photos at a later time via your login area.
The entire experience at FlyBox is one and a half hours.
Your safety is at the top of our priorities.
Our wind tunnel is a model 14R4 – the most advance and new technology in the world. As part of the IBA federation (the international body flight association) FlyBox is under their complete supervision. IBA is the largest and most advanced association in the world for Wind Tunnels and has had more than 7 million people fly in their tunnels. The FlyBox instructors are also IBA certified and will be there with you every step of the way to ensure you have safe and fun experience.
The Wind Tunnel operates thanks to the most advanced technology developed by iFLY – the owner of this unique patent.
The flight chamber at FlyBox is 4.3 diameter and is 14 meters high. The glass surrounding the chamber is 5.5 meters high which allows us to regulate the air according to each individual flyer within the tunnel, their body measurements and experience.
The wind tunnel has fans at the top to draw air through the flight chamber and then push it back down the sides through Return Air Towers. The result: a smooth column of air that enables you to fly. The unique architecture of the wind tunnel allows anyone in the area to watch people fly and enjoy the view.
Each round of flight in the wind tunnel is 60 seconds, however the complete flight time depends on the package you choose. For example, during a skydive (from 12,000 feet) the actual free fall time is about 45 seconds. Our basic flight packages start with 2 flights which are 120 seconds. You can also choose other introduction packages that include 4,4 or even 6 flights for each flyer. YOU choose how long you want to fly for.
The entire attraction at FlyBox lasts one and a half hours and includes all of the training, prep and flying.

Simply choose the amount of people who want to fly and you’ll see all the options available. Prefer to talk to someone on our team? Call now – 03-9394840

At FlyBox you will find the perfect gift for the person you care for whether a grownup or a child. Everyone can experience the dream of flying and you have the chance to make their dream come true. Our gift cards include the full flight experience and can be purchased here.

Our entire Wind Tunnel experience will be filmed by our professional cameras from within the control room. Please note that our footage is shot while you’re moving around so we cannot guarantee a “perfect” image. However we will do our best to deliver the best footage! Don’t forget to smile 


All of your photos and video will be available for purchase immediately after your flight on our monitors. In addition, you will also be able to purchase your images via your personal login area. Click here to be see it.
For your flight experience you should arrive in comfortable clothes (preferably a simple shirt with no collar, trousers and trainers). Before the flight you will need to remove all personal items including jewelry and any item that can fly away in the tunnel. For your convenience we have lockers for rent that allow you to store all your valuables there.
Don’t worry, if you wear glasses or contact lenses we’ll supply special goggles that will allow you to keep them on.

call us  03-9394840, all you need is the gift voucher code

Anyone who’s flying for the first time will need to arrive 45 minutes before flight time:

That gives you the time to check in, complete your waiver if you didn’t do it online, attend training session and change into your flight gear. Your flight instructor will be there every step of the way to guide you and prepare you for your flight and make sure you’re right on time!

Indoor skydiving has become a huge competitive sport around the world. Athletes can compete as teams, working to complete maneuvers and grips, or as individuals. Each performance is recorded and judged by a panel of experts. If you’re interested, our instructors can help you improve your flying skills and take you to the next level of indoor skydiving. click here for more info about sport flying

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“Recognize: This is the facility that will make you fly in the air
Without planes, preparations, anxieties and fears: Meet the FlyBox, the first wind tunnel in Israel that will allow you to fly safely through the air and train your body’s core muscles. We went out to fly and came back with a wide smile and a photographic demonstration”

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