Coaching with Filip Crnjakovic



Coaching with Filip Crnjakovic

Filip is an exceptionally experienced wind tunnel instructor from Slovenia. He is considered one of, if not the best, wind tunnel flyers in the world. Due to the sincerity and accuracy in the way he flies, he has the ability to both observe and perceive how to improve any flyers body positions in small but incredibly helpful ways.

Filip has been in this sport since before the Bedford Challenge, and has won many international competitions with the best flyers in this sport. He is considered one of the original Dynamic flyers and founders of D4W.
These days he is travelling around the world, and sharing all the knowledge he has accumulated in his career. With his sensitive eyes, Filip can help you take your flying skills to the next level.

Experienced flyers are his preferred students, as his particular path takes time to fully comprehend.


For reservations and additional information, please send an Email to: [email protected] or call: 0504304223




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